Enterprise electronic archive (EEA) is a system that allows companies to track, store and present information in a digital format. This system eliminates the need to keep physical documents, and lets businesses to keep track of consumer data and contracts that would otherwise be lost or damaged when stored on paper. This kind of system is essential for large businesses which handle large amounts of data and require archive storage.

Due to the rapid increase in unstructured data from instant messages, email, databases, social media and mobile communication files and file synchronization, demand for a specific enterprise archiving solution has grown. It is becoming more important for companies to have an appropriate data archive platform and solution to be in compliance with federal and state regulations, enforce their retention policies for data and assist HR and legal departments with internal investigations and eDiscovery.

A customized enterprise-wide electronic archive can reduce the risks, costs and time that IT departments working on administrative tasks. This will allow IT professionals to focus on more strategic business-critical projects. It will also enhance the overall performance of an organization by ensuring greater availability of data and speedier searches.

For example the case where a business has an agreement with a supplier that requires them to review the terms and conditions prior to renewing it, they can access the agreement through the archiving system. This will help save time that would have been spent searching through documents or asking employees for the file information. Additionally the digital archive will remove the need for physical files and let companies save on the daily paper usage.