Openvpn for Android is a cost-free application that can be used on any device running Android 4.x or later. It makes use of the Android system API and doesn’t ask for many permissions. It is important to remember that openvpn for android isn’t an actual VPN service by itself, it’s a client that connects to the VPN server. There must be an actual server at the other end of the line‘ in order for it to work.

You will need to have a NordVPN account and the NordVPN application installed on your Website device, as well as the config files needed for the server you have chosen. Our recommended VPN providers make this easy by providing downloadable configuration documents for all of their locations. Download the configuration files to your computer or phone, then transfer them to your device through USB/SD-card/Dropbox. Install the OpenVPN Connect app by Arne Schwarzbe from the Google Play Store once the file has been downloaded.

OpenVPN Connect, the „official“ client of OpenVPN Inc., is designed to be user-friendly, and easy to use for novice VPN users who do not have the technical knowledge. It’s not as feature-rich openvpn for Android which is designed for more advanced users. Both apps allow you to connect to any VPN that supports the OpenVPN Protocol, but openvpn android has a much more user-friendly interface, and it is compatible on a larger variety of devices. It also supports features such as dynamic IP addresses, split tunneling and other features that aren’t available in the official OpenVPN Connect application.