A mac tools calendar helps you keep the track of important dates, like weddings, birthdays and work commitments. It’s easy to double book yourself and forget important appointments without a mac tools calendar. There are a lot of well-designed apps that make it easy to stay on top of your schedule. The best ones depend on Apple’s style and design guidelines, have native macOS notifications including Today widgets, and icons for the menu bar. They also support multi-account sync, color-coding, as well as simple guidelines to help you continue your track.

Fantastical is an extremely powerful menu bar calendar that provides a simple interface and lots of features. It’s a bit less Apple-y than the other choices on this list, but it does all the things that people want from a calendar app. Its left panel, for instance does not show the calendars you have which is a waste of space as are the majority of apps. Instead, it offers space for an agenda view as well as for reminders. The UI pay attention to the smallest of details. For example the event that appears in two calendars at the same time, Fantastical will display it with a pinstripe pattern in order to identify which calendar it’s in.

The free version is more than sufficient for the majority of people. However the Flexibits subscription, priced at $6.99/month adds a Calendly style scheduling feature, a variety of customizable features, and a variety of Calendar Sets that you can change between based on whether your current Focus mode is in use or not. It also integrates with Trello and Todoist to allow you to add tasks from these platforms into your calendar.