Real-time project management software has been continuously advancing in order to draw more insights from data. Nearly a quarter of homeowners (24%) remove a bathtub during a remodel. Of those, the more tips here majority (78%) enlarge the shower while doing so, but that percentage declined by 7 points compared with last year. Meanwhile, 23% of homeowners removing a tub also relocate the shower, a year-over-year rise of 6 points. Homeowners update many elements of their bathrooms, but shower upgrades in particular are gaining in popularity.

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Renovations are typically less costly than remodels, thanks to several factors. Bathroom renovations often involve installing new tile, towel racks and faucets. During a renovation, one or more rooms are updated and repaired.


Throughout the remodeling project, minimal disruption to your home or office is our highest priority. In most cases, renovations are less costly than a remodel, with these being mostly cosmetic improvements. It’s also much easier to create a more efficient budget since the likelihood of running into extensive issues is far less. If all you are looking for is a new and updated look, then a renovation may be all you need.

Renovation Vs Remodel: Get Inspired

The remodeling process of a master bathroom might take a bit longer than a renovation because, in most cases, the room will look completely different after the project is completed. In some cases, you might be adding more space to the room itself by knocking out walls. But, even if you’re not doing that, you will still be replacing your vanity and flooring in most cases. Many remodel projects will also go as far as removing existing toilets and bathtubs/showers to replace them with updated items.

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to each approach. Which type of home improvement project you decide to take on will largely depend on how the projects will align with your goals for your home. If the floors were damaged from the leaks, it may also include a structural fix. Remodels typically have the highest cost of all the three options, and they require the most materials and time to complete.

Renovation Vs Remodel: Key Differences

A remodel is a great option for someone who wants brand new results in their home. This can be a great way to invest in making a home more modern, functional, and visually appealing. Ultimately, renovating means restoring something to its previous state, which could be its original condition or like new again. A residential renovation could include repainting areas of your home or resurfacing areas like cabinets. The event focused on discussions, customized networking opportunities, and learnings to help improve Real Estate trends and recognize excellence among real estate practitioners.

They Can Differ Significantly In Scope And Cost

This is because renovating generally requires more structural work, such as tearing out walls, which can add to the cost. In addition, bathroom renovations often require new fixtures and plumbing, which can also add to the cost. Anything that changes the structure, layout, or floor plan is a remodel. That could mean tearing down a wall to create an open layout dining and kitchen space.

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While renovation involves upgrading the current state of your space, remodeling involves changing it considerably or even completely. Given the time and the right skills, you can complete these projects yourself. Since renovation also includes repairs, certain structural rebuilding or replacing is still necessary, such as replacing your flooring or the sub-floor board if it’s out of shape or moldy. You may already know what changes you want to make to your home, but if you’re deciding between a renovation vs remodel, their differences may help you choose. Your budget, the amount of time you have, and what you ultimately want from your home are important factors to consider.