Canthan culture are diverse, mostly sectioned off into five appearance: Kurzicks, Luxons, rural Canthan, and you may urban Canthan

Faith [ modify ]

As of 1072 AE, this new worship and you will perception of your own Five Real Gods in Empire of the Dragon got taken up a great distinctively Canthan cast. More gods of one’s pantheon shared the fresh Canthan heavens which have an assortment of reduced demigods, in addition to endless ancestor comfort and legendary heroes supplied divine position of the varied inhabitants of the realm.

People [ edit ]

You will find some unified elements, like the Canthan calendar becoming centered on good lunar program, instead of the solar system of the Mouvelian calendar, and therefore commemorate a Lunar New-year. Also, the Canthans keeps a high reverence with the moonlight, which they dub „Melandru’s moonlight“.

The past understood word of Cantha is inspired by the brand new Zephyrites, just who say that Cantha is among the most their „really culturally colorful harbors out-of call,“ implying that Cantha’s cultural front side only has prospered on following years.

In recent times, holodramas have begun to gain popularity, such as the Ministry Diaries, a sequence on the Ministry professionals as well as their erotic lifestyle.

New Canthan country is certainly caused by leftover to own farmland, and you may fishing, like towards area regarding Shing Jea, to feed the enormous and you may vast city of Kaineng.

The area features an area one to serves as a residential district where in actuality the Ministry out-of Customers is based and also the Shing Jea Monastery domiciles the newest Regal Judge one to serves as an option to the new Raisu Castle.

It’s home-based elements and you will places that the poor live, like on Grub Lane city. And is where head office of the Ministries regarding Cantha and you will Xunlai Jade can be found.