This project is a unique try of bringing together two traditions of oriental arts, which grew in different local, cultural and religious circumstances. 

´Traditional oriental musictherapy´ roots in the knowledge of islamic art and medicine and the art of Bagua Quan, a martial art and medical system, which developed in China around the middle of the 19th century.



In Coorporation with He Jing-han (5 th generation master of Yin Bagua Quan from Taiwan) the project Bamuzhang was conceived and practiced. Out of this cooperation G.I.Klawatsch produced a recording of oriental musictherapy for the eight mother postures (Bamuzhang) of Bagua Quan.

Practice: This Cd can be used in combination with the practice of circle walking with Bamuzhang postures. Each Makam correlate (in influencing body parts and best practice time) with one posture from the eight mother palms.

He Jing han
Bagua Quan Seminar Wien
He Jing Han
eight mother palms (Bamuzhang)
Bagua Seminar Wien
Bagua Seminar Wien
CD Bamuzhang
CD Bamuzhang
Seminar Wien
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