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When it concerns board meetings for nonprofit organizations the effectiveness of virtual engagement is crucial to advancing your organization’s goals. Gathering board members of nonprofits in person isn’t always possible So savvy meeting facilitation and detailed documentation are key to ensuring that online meetings are productive.

To keep the discussion on actions to be discussed and to keep the discussion focused, limit each speaker’s time to one at a particular time. It’s also helpful to offer the link to a video prior to the meeting so that presenters can narrate their slides for the attendees, which is time-saving and minimizes distractions.

A remote meeting can be difficult to organize because it’s difficult to determine if people have something they want to share. It’s hard to discern social signals in a live call however, encouraging open discussion and encouraging dissent is crucial to the success of your nonprofit.

It is essential to have enough information to make informed decisions. It’s why it’s vital to provide a thorough summary of the meeting in the form of minutes. Minutes can be used to document the process of making decisions which can be useful for board members who are not present or in the event of a legal challenge. For this reason, your minutes should be clear and precise. Your minutes-taker should avoid mentioning any information that might be considered to be private, such as voting, opinions or off-the record discussions. This article outlines 7 tips to host effective virtual board meetings that lead to efficient decisions for your non-profit.